Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Happy Graduation MICHIKO!!!!!!

i got up at 8:30am today to come all the way to Tokyo Forum for an hr of Japanese Speeches.

only the valedictorians of each major got to go up on stage.

this is michiko trying very hard not to fall asleep. luckily she had me there to converse with. hehe

Congrats also to NAMI!

awww my lil sis is alll grown up!!!!

mom x michiko x dad

Congrats to Christina toooooo!!

then on our way to SOPHIA UNIVERSITY..

random girls. i thought this was cute.

these guys doing some weird dance routine. i guess they are very excited to graduate.

i wanted to graduate again too! aww i missss schoool!!

the reception after...

then trying to get out

more random kids

im so proud of you michiko! ok, let me mention a little something about michiko. we met randomly over 3 years ago when i first moved to japan and only had about 3 friends. i used to visit a friend at this smoothie shop every weekend on takeshita dori street and michiko also worked there. i used to live really far away in the country side (ibaraki) and came into the city every chance i got. we became friends instantly since she actually spoke english! hehe throughout this time, we've become even closer and i care for her so much like a little sister. she's always been there for me when i had my downs...i love you girl!!! anypoo... Michiko is offficially working full time for Nike Japan Entertainment now. PAY RAISE!!!! YAY!


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