Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I thought it was a bad cold, i mean literally, my nose was leaking gross mucousy stuff non stop, my head was so congested, i couldnt stop sneezing and coughing....etc...so i finally went to the doctor and the conclusion, really BAD HAYFEVER!!! in addition, because i'm asthmatic, it hits me even worse than normal people..so i have to take anti-asthmatic meds too. I'm taking Flunase for my nose, it tastes really bad (since your nasal cavity is connected to your throat you end up like swallowing it..) Allegra 60g (only!??!?) twice a day.. Eye drops..2 kinds...I'm praying that they are working but..have you ever felt like there was something in your eye but when you looked in the mirror you could never find anything? well, it's most likely because all the pollen and gunk is under your eye lid!!! GROSS! These meds can't get rid of that!!! I thought never wearing contacts would help prevent this from actually affecting me but nope..it got me bad. so, i also have to wash my eyeballs with this AIBON stuff....I felt embarrassed at first, I didn't want anyone watching me wash my eyeballs but it was sooo itchy and I couldnt see clearly anymore...so thank you to keyth and masato for having this eyeball wash party with me. heheh it was actually quite refreshing and I really did see clearly after that !!!! Eyes still itchy tho so i have to do it like 5 times a day, in addition to the meds......sigh....大変だね。btw, some ask, why i dont wear a mask...i cant wear the mask thing cuz my glasses fog up!!!! (T_T)
as you can see it was kinda fun... lol
masato said to open the eyes wider.

and kitaro, so cute, like a fetus. heheh
Thank u friends for keeping me company during this hayfever attack.


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