Saturday, February 14, 2009

PARTY REPORT. KATS Episode 3 @ Seco Bar 2.13

soundcheck aka practice time..

here i go...

free PR for weSC x Gshock.
tee hee

Thanks for coming Chris x Michi!!!
All I have to say, is Chris Martin is soooo NICE!!!!

itooo x elly

i heart bingo

so then.. i stop by nuts for a minute...
congrats on your album release Tarantula!

then back to Seco....

my feet hurt so badly so i guess i took off my shoes. (>.<)
lol im sorry masato just had to put all the photos.....


bingo x itooo

we heart mayu (80kidz)

so i went to Le baron for a bit......

then came back......

ok so....

yadaaaaa lol

no more photos pleaaaaase!


next stops: le baron x AIR

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