Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Jian Carlo.
I loved his DJ SET!
I wanna book him for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

papa Y.O.N.E.

oh my, a friend old acquaintance from like 2 years ago!?!?!?! I used to go to this party called EM at THE ROOM on sunday afternoons. Masa came up to me last night and was like 'おぼえてないの!?’And, i got really nervous because I try sooo hard to remember everyone and he looked like he would come to le baron alot...i dunno but finally after asking him what he did, i totally remembered!! yay me! so this is the FUDGE MAGAZINE CREW.
so like i totally remembered Takemoto san (right) but he didnt really remember me. i guess thats what i get for not remember Masa. But after I mentioned about something in the past, he acted like he remember. whatevers!!! It's weird to run into people from when I first moved to japan..!

oh i think its the piano guys bday!

hot brazilian mixed guys. hehehe
you can find more of them here: MEMENTO

let's go back to LA with alan (oakley). heheh


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