Monday, December 1, 2008

Upcoming events... and other things...

It was a busy day today and I got a lot of stuff done. First I went to the Vietnam Embassy. The people there know me now because I go to Vietnam every year. I guess that's a good thing?? I got my visa a lot faster this time. hehehe Anypoo, looks like I might be missing out on all the Bonnenkai's this year. Last year was INSANE! So much fun... but I will be going to Vietnam from 12/19~12/27. I can't wait to see my parents again!!!

so .. tomorrow... really don't wanna miss out on this...we have a special surprise..very special surprise...TEQUILA BOYS..yes ladies, your dreams will finally come true with TOKYO'S NOT SO BAD-LOOKING 'FASHION INDUSTRY' LEADERS...dressed up in .... oh i guess you will have to come see to find out...heheh...should i say the names? nah.. that will ruin the surprise...ok but..maybe you can find some of them here:CLICK and HERE hehehe


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