Wednesday, November 26, 2008


After a lot of walking, Sakiko and I went back to my house for dinner and half of a movie. After Sakiko left, I got a visit from a special friend from Berlin......I LOVE LOVE LOVE ERROLSON!!!!!
Errolson owns a brand called Acronym.
DOPE STUFF so check it here:

After a few hours of catching up we stopped by velours....

i heart you!

Big Boss (MSGR) heheh

I actually came to velours to get a few things straight for my brand new heavies party and saw some familiar faces...the usuals...Jun, BANANA, etc.. hehehe Anypoo, I unfortunately had one bad encounter...I met a guy from NIKE who was a total DICK who seemed to be very proud to be working for NIKE but was overall REALLY rude. I dont remember his name, just his department. I hope to never run into him again.


next stop: Le Baron

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