Monday, November 17, 2008

Just another typical monday....11.17

2:40 Seeing off HIROSHIMA with Adoriana....i miss him sooo much (T_T)
He should be back in NY now...doing his thing... go RATTPAKK!

after that...i had some errands to do in Shibuya.

What's up with BAD spelling on these HUGE BULLETIN BOARDS!?!?!? heard of SPELL CHECK?! I think because I'm an english teacher, im anal about these things. anypoooo...

met up with Sarasa & ran into Hitomiさん

then off to HARAJUKU ......

FTC office..oops, i guess i'm not supposed to be here...
I haven't seen TAKA in sooooooooooooo LONG!!!!!

i heart FTC...
or more really..
i heart the FTC boys. tee hee *wink*

after that.... Dinner with Sarasa...we ate soooo much......

so i decided to walk home....and on the way stopped by PARK to visit the boys..

I heart yosuke.

I heart lyntaro.
my senpai tee hee

after that....

Yumiko came over. She just came back from Hawaii after doing some intense YOGA training.
She quit MTV recently and is happier than ever. =)

I love yumiko sooo much.

after that...i walked with MEG and UTA to Shibuya to meet up with the FTC guys again for KENT'S last day...and ran into GIVE ME MONEY KOJI x YOKO. haven't seen you guys in sooooo LONG!!!!!!!!!!!! see you two this friday yeah!?!?!?


next stop: Shibuya FM x the ghetto of shibuya..

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