Monday, November 17, 2008

I heart FTC and silly nights

in front of SHIBUYA FM RADIO station.

we heart kent!!!!!!!

11.1 birthday babies.

So next stop..this really sketchy alley where hid an izakaya....
oh izakayas.....

oh my... RIP ZINGER!

Graham x Tetsuji

how to take purikura.
if you put your hands in front of your face it makes your face look smaller.
tee hee

i heart reico bunny (faline) x Saki (sly)


we couldnt stop eating these snacks.....

tetsuji: hey mai, did you meet my brother masa?
mai: hi masa
masahiro: my name is hiro.
mai: oh sorry, tetsuji told me your name was masa.
masahiro: yeah, actually it's masahiro
mai: ??? um ok.
mai: anyway, i'm mai
masahiro: i know, you're famous.
mai: what!? reallY!? wow. yatta!!! hahahaha

my honey bunniessssssssssss i heart you girls!!!

gosh it was soooo much fun last night.
i have some pretty funny videos. but i wont post them yet, and will save them for blackmail.


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