Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PARTY REPORT. Walking from NUTS---> ORGAN BAR 9.9

I went to NUTS first for the LUIRE party where BINGO & JOMMY were DJing. It was sooo much fun because everyone was there!!! Unfortuantely, I couldnt risk getting my camera taken away so I didn't take any photos!!! =(

After that, I walked to Organ Bar where YOSHITO was DJingOn meji dori.
Sunflowers make me HAPPY!!!

Gosh I havent been here in soooooooo LONG!!!!

This club is one of those mom and pop joints where:

you have salarymen DJ...

run into old friends...

have a fully packed bar to choose from and the bartender is SUPER cool.

btw: I used to go to all of these ....

awww old friends!!

some people come and chill alone..
it's awesome like that!

my bestest bestest friend YOSHITO

towards the end, this guy played acoustic...with no audience but 1 person..
he sang john lennon's song LET IT BE with japanese mixed in.
quite nice...


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