Thursday, September 18, 2008

Natural Lawson's stop.

I have 3 overall reports to write and im struggling sooooooo badly. It was time for a chocolate fix...Right now I am remembering back at UCI when I was studying for finals and I was trying hard to stay awake in one of the rooms inside the student center. It was dreadful. So scratching that memory out...

What I really want to write about is my experience at Natural Lawsons earlier. I wish I had my camera to take a photo of the 2 girls.

So there were 2 drunk girls at Natural Lawsons. They weren't bad looking. One girl was staring at her ktai over by the drinks while the other was stumbling and knocking things over around the sweets section. There are about 3 aisles in this convenient store. Finally the two girls made eye contact with each other and they both started laughing. Apparently the girl staring at her phone was complaining because 'he' didn't pick up. They were talking sooo loud...and the staff were all men...I wonder how much weird stuff they witness while working the graveyard shift...

Gosh, who else does this?!?! Who else drunk dials a boy when they are drunk?! I know I DO!!!! You know, when you get so trashed that you just end up drunk dialing 'him'. If he likes you he picks up. If he doesn't, we complain about it til no end. Or, until he calls us back the next day. Anyhow, to all the boys I've called in the middle of the night...I'm sorry. (^-^) / I probably had a huge crush on you. Just kidding. tee hee

Awwwww I remember I used to always call DARWIN when I was living back in OC. I think we discussed it..that it wasnt because I had a crush on him but it was because he ALWAYS picked up. tee heee.....I will see you sooon Darwin!!!!!!!!


So, a stop by the convenient store is quite typical in the middle of the night. I bought so much chocolate and decided to just STOP dieting as I will be going home very very soon. It's too late. It can't be helped, mommy, i gained 3 kgs. (>.<)

so...I will just swim and play tennis everyday when I go back!!!

I have to get back to the reports now.

Man this entry is so boring. I will probably revise it later...................

next stop: REPORTS DAMMIT.

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  1. this entry is soooo Mai-chan. I love it. Fucking Kawaiiiiiiii!!!!

    Kisses, come back sooooooon!



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