Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tonight, I came home and found one of those undelivered postcards from the mailman and was super bummed that i missed him by 2 minutes!!!!! but then 30 minutes later....he came back!!!
It was a package from MIKA!!!!! Christmas, Valentines and Birthday package...my heart was pounding......

I can't wait to read this book..It was recommended by May a while back when I was stressed out about a certain boy. heheh Apparently it gives really really good advice....

YAY!!!!! Lotion!!!!

OMG!!!!!! PILLOW!!!!!! & ELEPHANT!!!!

Front side

sooooooooo CUTE!!!!

and my Valentine's Day gift....

Mika, I love you and miss you sooooo MUCH!! I wanna come home soooon so that we can watch movies and relieve our stress at ELVIS again....chouuuu miss you dayo....

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