Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PARTY REPORT. Sculpture Delicate Fleur Launch Party @ Aoyama Geihinkan 7/22/2008

Aoyama Geihinkan

I was asked to help promote this launch party at the last minute for a new perfume called Sculpture Delicate Fleur. This event took place at Aoyama Geihinkan. I arrived a bit late because I had work until 8:15. Unfortunately, when I arrived Daigo had already left! I was curious to meet him. hehe

Anyhow, the place was huge and very nice. They could have done a little bit more with the concept...but I think everyone had a great time anyway! Especially cuz of all the cute DJs and special guests...I wish this new perfume Sculpture Delicate Fleur a lot of luck. I didn't have a chance to test it but I heard that it smells really nice.

onto the photo snaps:

Van Cliff D.
Diego x Elli-Rose

I heart Mika-chu


2 cool guys and girls

Elli-Rose x Maryjun Takahashi

Francois x Pablo

Jun (MSGR) x Amiga

AMIGA is soooo friggin CUTE!!!

my posse


Give me money KOJI x Yoko X Eriko Sato


Yoshiwaraさんx Chisato Morishita

Sorry, I can't marry you.. tee hee

hm...i can't marry you either... tee hee

i looooooove IZUMIさん!!!


Chisato x Yoko x Ray x Eriko

Pablo x Francois x NakagawaさんxOtaさん

my 2 favorites

i love you


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