Saturday, June 28, 2008

DATE with DJ SARASA aka SILVERBOOMBOX @ THe Golden Burning

Why not tossing a party?-->Why not TOSS a PARTYだよ!


My comments about vietnamese food are pretty harsh as I am actually vietnamese and have had hands on experience of what is good and not good vietnamese food. I think most places try very hard but they aren't getting it right. So this place..I felt that the staff was still new at this as the service was very slow and they didn't know what to do when we asked for certain things, like Lemon, or Fish sauce. The PHO was very bland and I had to put a lot of fish sauce to get flavor. I really miss good vietnamese food and can't find any in tokyo, tho there was once place that I frequented near Parco but their service got really bad and I stopped going. Verbal recommended a place and it was so so, but I would probably never go there again......I heard there is a place in Kamata..I am looking forward to trying that next. Heard Shinjuku has good places too. so the search is still on, for the best vietnamese food restaurant in Tokyo.....


The golden burning is such a funny name. Maybe they meant, The Burning Gold? The Golden Burn? who knows with Engrish... hehehe


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