Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday to Monday to upcoming events....

I'm soooooooooooo TIRED!!!!! and the weather's been kinda crap!!!! anypoo, so after the thai festival, me and meg decided to go home and take a nap before going to Nanちゃん’s birthday ... We both overslept...and were still pretty tired....but we got up and rode our bikes to Harajuku UCess Lounge anyway...

Happy Birthday Nanmix!!!!

Kent from FTC was also there...
☆If anyone is around tomorrow Tuesday 5/13, FTC will have a small party after their store on CAT STREET closes from 20:00. I hope it doesn't rain!!!!!!!!!!

Anypoo, after Nan's bday thing, me and meg start riding our bikes to Meguro for Ryuta's housewarming, but we were kinda late and everyone had already left so decided to go home.. long and far bike ride...But..KENTO happened to call and I had to see him before he left to go back to SF so I ended up riding my bike back to SHIBUYA to the GRANDBELL HOTEL

I love this hotel!!! and I thought this sign was so funny.

Check out Kento on my bike. tee hee.. I miss him already!!!! Come back soooon!!!

So today, I met up with my friend Vanness and went shopping around Harajuku with him and Hugo. It was kinda cold but we walked to Harajuku from Shibuya anyway and ate at ZIPZAP. Yummy Yummy Hamburgers!!!

After that I had a meeting at LE BARON regarding the 80's party that I'm organizing with my girls Meg, Sakiko, and Katiuscia which will be held at VELOURS on 5/30 Friday.
It was a loooong meeting but we got a lot of things sorted out. So.. UPCOMING EVENTS:



Mai x Sakiko x Katiuscia present " STUCK IN THE 80's " sponsored by REEBOK x DITA

Live paint on your REEBOK shoes by TRIP aka MEG.



It's gonna be a crazy girls party and we've got loads of surprises. Keep checking for updates..

Anypoo, time for bed...long day tomorrrow!



  1. i heart the granbell tooooooooo!!! i wanna recommend it to all my friends!! you know my friend a huge room with 2 twin beds and it was only $160!!!! how much was yours?

  2. Always trying to be different arn't you Mai? You're the only one without any stripes in our photo.



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