Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I kinda forgot that I had my camera and didn't take many pictures. But it was a chill night tonight. The bike ride home was quite intense tho....ALL i have to say is...DONT TALK TO STRANGERS.........after midnight.....that drive luxury cars....

While I was riding my bike home from Le Baron, (usually Im with someone...but I was alone last night...), I was taking the usual HACHIMAN dori street from AOYAMA UNIVERSITY...and some guy in a white porsche asked me to stop. My natural instinct was that *oh, he must be lost and needs directions* I stop...LUCKILY there were tree bushes and a white rail bar thing between the street and me. (Im relieved that I rode my bike on the sidewalk at this time)
I'm setting this up to be quite scary aren't I? Well, perhaps because I got really scared when I really don't pay attention to stuff like this.

Basically the guy was hitting on me...But I couldnt hear very well because of how far I was from the street. And he was asking me to hang out with him for an hour, drive for an hour in his nice car, grab tea, go play... ummmmm


So I told him, sorry, I have to work early tomorrow and Im going home. But then he asked me where I lived.. and I just avoided the question and said, sorry I gotta go..and he kept following me with his car..still asking me to hang out with him for a bit...telling me..*めっちゃかわいいね!!! Translations: you are really cute... um, thanks but NO THANKS.. YUCK.

I just ended up ignoring him but was driving beside me the ENTIRE way down HACHIMAN dori thru daikanyama.


I decided NOT to take the typical way home anymore and tried to go down the opposite one way streets where cars couldn't go down but he ended up finding me at the end of that road.

I went to my friends house with hope to just hide for a bit but no one was home .(>.<) So, I just hung out near the police box near the station for a bit... Anyway, I had such a bad feeling about it and didn't want to go back to my house as my roomy was not home tonight and I didn't want him to know exactly where I lived. In the end, I found 2 policeman who were giving tickets to illegally parked motorcycles and asked them to walk me home. I finally got inside with no site of the guy anymore. Another thing I noticed while I was going home was that there were a lot of girls in mini skirts etc.. walking alone on the streets. How dangerous. I mean, this is Japan..but recently there have been weird things going on. Anypoo..Im safe now. ほよよ〜

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